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  1. Where are Trade alerts / Trade Idea posted?
    1. Alerts are posted on Private Twitter ONLY

  1. Do you post Charts / Technical Analysis for your Trade alerts / Trade Ideas?
    1. Yes, Charts are posted on Discord Chatroom or on Private Twitter with the alerts.

  1. Do you have a chatroom?
    1. We incorporated Discord chatroom a year ago to help our members in trading and help them grow and become a better trader.

  1. Is there a place to find your past trade alerts performance for the week or month?
    1. We don’t post performance data as trade alerts are already posted on twitter (which are time stamped) and every individual trader takes profits (full position or half or some) based on their risk profile or goals. Performance data will mislead and clutter your mind and create un-realistic expectations for future trades.

  1. Do you provide any Watchlist or any info in advance for us to better prepare?
    1. We post Watchlist every Sunday (it comprises of stocks with support/resistance #s based on TW’s analysis which is proprietary to him). These levels or numbers are as accurate and helps you take your own trades and manage accordingly.

  1. What is Trade Alert (TA)?
    1. We enter the position, when a trade alert is sent out.

  1. What is Trade Idea (TI)?
    1. We may or may not take a position when a trade idea is sent out. Technically everything is same as per trade alert. We do not want to over-trade but still throw out setups which have good risk/reward and you can benefit if you want to trade more or miss an earlier trade alert.

  1. Are you holding a position on the trade alerts? Or Are you holding a position after taking profits on trade alerts?
    1. It doesn’t matter if I am in a trade or not, YOU have to manage your own trades / account. Take profits or stops accordingly. Alerts are provided for you with entry / exits (Targets) so that you can manage them based on your account size / risk profile / goals you have.

  1. How do you set a stop? Or do you provide stops?
    1. This is based on every individual trader and account size. There are different ways to handle stops (getting stopped out in a trade).
    2. For e.g. You can use stops based on support or resistance of a stock of that timeframe (hourly, 4hr, daily or weekly) based on your options expirations.
    3. You can also use $ value as STOP, to let it go to ZERO.

Stop loss Example1: Trade alert – $BKNG $1857.50 calls at $3 May/26 exp.

Use Support/Resistance as stop, in this case say it’s around $1845 4hr close on weekly option expiration.

Stop loss Example2: Trade alert - $BKNG $1857.50 calls at $3 May/26 exp.

Weekly option expiration’s causes option premiums to fluctuate or be more volatile. To be objective and avoid any emotions on the trade, you can define a stop based on $ amount you are willing to lose.

Say you buy for $2000 on a trade and have a 50% stop loss. Then instead buy for $1000 and let it go to $0.

Depending on your account size and trading style choose the appropriate stop losses.

  1. What are Lotto Trades?
    1. Lotto trades can be same day exp or weekly exp or monthly or longer with way OTM strikes. Risk/reward is HUGE on lotto trades and they fall into same technical patterns but gives you high rewards with cheaper premiums if works.
    2. Lotto’s use smaller $ value. If you normally trade $2000 on a trade, buy for $200-500 on lotto’s.

  1. How many trade setups every month?

  1. We can have anywhere from 10 per month or 50 in some months depending on the market. There are few times a year, market moves BIG upside/downside, we will have more setups during those months.
  2. Goal is to not over-trade or do all the trades but to pick the one’s that fits your goals, your risk profile.
  3. Trade quality setups with good risk/reward & make money.
  4. Don’t end up doing too many trades and paying transaction fees to your brokerage.
  5. Quality setups are important for bigger returns than just quantity.

  1. Where can I ask questions related to trading?
    1. All questions will be answered via twitter DM (Direct Messages) or Discord chatroom, please do not ask questions on twitter feeds.

  1. How soon can I get a response for any questions?

  1. Remember we are trading along with you and hence expect a delay in response during MARKET HOURS of TRADING. Questions will be answered within an hour (if not minutes) of market or at times after market hours if not time critical.

  1. What is a Journal Page?

  1. Journal pages are a way to keep track of your trades and what the outcome of the trade was. It helps you to see what went wrong or what trade worked and recognize patterns on why you took that trade and help you improve your system further. Journal page is provided on the website for everyone to record your trades and can be shared using Journal Wall. This is a good way to track your performance and learn from other traders in the community.

  1. Do you have educational content?
    1. We have educational content on the website. We keep adding new content to educate our traders / investors to learn and become a better trader. These documents talk about technical patterns, position sizing, risk management, psychological thinking, trading rules, etc.
  • This service is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn and grow and become a better trader and make a living out of it.
  • Remember this is not a service for trading alerts only or looking for overnight success with few trades.
  • You need to build a system (you can use TW rules), prepare in advance for the trades, learn to use the tools provided, build your skillsets and implement the technical to your trading, and define your risk in advance before you take a trade then you will succeed in long run.